Baidu Web Search

Baidu’s Web search allows users to locate information through search queries. After typing a search query, users generally receive a list of ranked search results, which may include our customers’ content presented in a specific format. Users can then access the desired information by examining the returned search snippets, or clicking on the hypertext links displayed in the search results.

Baidu Image Search

Baidu Image Search enables users to search for images on the internet by term queries or various categories, and offers advanced features, including search by image file type and search within a designated website or Web page. Baidu Image Search is accessible through both PC and mobile devices. Baidu Image Search also allows users to search for information on an image or search other similar images by allowing users to upload an image or enter its URL. In addition, registered users can upload, label and share high-quality pictures with others through Baidu Image Search.

Baidu PostBar

Baidu PostBar is a social media platform that attracts users through topics of common interest. Users post text, image, audio and video content, and reply to original content via threads, thus forming social networks around topics of discussions. Baidu PostBar draws new users through close integration with search and user-generated content. Baidu PostBar has become a leading platform for fans of celebrities, for online game players, online novel readers and virtual local communities. Owing to its accessibility and openness, Baidu PostBar is often the place where new online phenomena, memes, and catchphrases first appear and are popularized, and Baidu PostBar remains a powerful, popular and influential social media platform for its ability to generate, cultivate and deliver high-quality content.

Baidu Knows

Baidu Knows provides users with a query-based searchable community to share knowledge and experiences. Through Baidu Knows, registered users can both post specific questions for other users to respond to, and post responses to questions posted by others. Baidu Knows is accessible through both desktop and mobile applications. Users of our website can also search, read and browse questions and answers by registered users of Baidu Knows. Additionally, Baidu Knows has also invited institutional and personal experts in many fields such as medical care, maternal and child health, education, finance and law to post and address users’ questions.

Baidu Encyclopedia

Baidu Encyclopedia is an evolving encyclopedia compiled by registered users. Registered users can share their knowledge by adding new terms and new content to Baidu Encyclopedia. Amongst its registered users, Baidu Encyclopedia has experts in fields ranging from medical care to the studio arts, and these experts have contributed to a rich collection of authoritative content. Users of our website can also search, read and browse all terms and content contributed by registered users of Baidu Encyclopedia.

Baidu WenKu

Baidu WenKu is an online document sharing platform, through which registered users of our website can search, browse or read, documents in various formats. Baidu WenKu also allows registered users to upload documents to and download from the user-created documents database. For senior high school students, Baidu WenKu introduced the Baidu GaoKao service, which provides one-on-one tutoring services to students preparing for the Chinese national college entrance exam by leveraging Baidu big-data technology. For teachers, Baidu WenKu provides high-quality teaching resources, such as instructional materials, through is a popular Chinese website directory navigation site in China. It allows users who find it inconvenient to type in URLs to easily navigate to their favorite websites, organized by categories. From a single interface, users can reach popular destination sites on the Chinese Internet with one click.

Mobile Baidu

Mobile Baidu is one of our flagship mobile applications that enables users to access our search and community-based products and services using smartphones and other mobile devices. Baidu Mobile Search supports text, voice and image search to better serve users of mobile devices. By minimizing graphics and interactive content, Baidu Mobile Search offers a user-friendly and productive mobile internet search experience.

Baidu Mobile Assistant

Baidu Mobile Assistant is a mobile app marketplace designed for Android mobile devices. The platform offers an extensive array of apps, and makes intelligent app recommendations based on big data analytics. Baidu Mobile Assistant presents content of applications to users, helping them to find the most suitable apps. Baidu Mobile Assistant helps optimize users’ phone management, allowing users to download, upgrade, manage and delete apps easily and conveniently. It also allows users to share apps, videos, audio files and images easily without incurring high data use charges. In October 2013, we acquired a 100% equity interest in 91 Wireless from NetDragon Websoft Inc.

Baidu Mobile Browser

BBaidu Mobile Browser is a mobile Internet browser. Users can search for their favorite websites and customize their Baidu Mobile Browser landing pages. Baidu Mobile Browser is available for iOS, Android and Windows.

Baidu Mobile Guardian

Baidu Mobile Guardian is an Android security app that guards mobile devices from a wide array of malware. Mobile Guardian is constantly updated to defend against the latest viruses, trojans, spyware and other security threats.


Duer, unveiled at Baidu World in September 2015, is an intelligent personal virtual assistant that is voice-activated and connects users with services. Duer provides users with natural two-way conversations and services, such as ordering takeout delivery, booking a dog grooming appointment, buying movie tickets etc. Duer leverages our search, natural language processing, artificial intelligence and machine learning technology.